Lofee Strofilias Semi Sweet Rose Wine


Variety: Comes from the blend of Muscat Hamburg, Rhoditis, Cabernet varieties

Organoleptic Characteristics: Explosively aromatic wine with aromas of strawberry, rose, tropical fruit and caramel. Cheerful, pleasantly sweet, with refreshing acidity,  matches ideally with a summer fruit salad.

Accompanied: Accompanies sweet sauces, varieties of cheese, fruit and white sweets. Ideal as an aperitif. Enjoy it at 10 ° C-12 ° C.

Harvest – Winemaking: The grapes are harvested in the second 10 days of September, after systematic monitoring of the ripening process, in crates and come to the winery on the same day. The grape pulp remains, after immediate dehydration, in a tank at low temperatures (9 ° C) for 8 hours. Then all the basic principles of modern “white” winemaking are followed at an average fermentation temperature of 17 ° C.
Caps: cork or stelvin