Takseidiaris Dry White Wine


Variety: Muscat Rio 100% (Protected Geographical Indication of Achaia).

Organoleptic Characteristics: Bright golden yellow color. Explosive in the nose with fruits and flowers. Refreshing, vivid, nervous with intense acidity that balances with aromas leaving a rich and long aftertaste.

Food Pair: We suggest you combine it with seafood, pasta and white lightly cooked meats. Enjoy it at 8 ° C-10 ° C.

Harvest – Winemaking: The maturation process and meteorological conditions are systematically monitored. The grapes are picked in a crate. They are harvested from August 20 onwards. After light pressure, all the basic modern principles of white winemaking in refrigerated stainless steel tanks are followed!

Cap: cork or stelvin