Since 1967


Kagkadi of Achaia

Our property counts 47 years since Mavrogianni family decided to create the first cultivation with vineyards. Today our vineyards, are located 45km from Patras, on the slope of mount Movri.

Our property, spatially is placed in Ag. Paraskevi, between m.d of Riolos, m.d of Apideonas and m.d of Kagkadi in Dymis municipality. The slope is exposed to the south, which combined with the low yield per hectare and altitude, affects both the earliness of ripening, and the quality of production. It belongs to the region of Achaia where roditis variety is favored due to terrain morphology and is considered among the best varieties. Otherwise it is called and variety “fox”.

Gradually our vineyards reached 250 acres and although xenomania has affected several producers, we strictly cultivate native varieties like roditis fox, roditis, moschoudi, moscato of Ηamburg, mavrodaphne, avgoustiatis, agiorgitiko, santameriana and vertzami.

Our new winery is located in the vineyard where respecting the tradition, experience and expertise, but mainly to our artistry, we produce wines only from our own production grapes.

Since 2007, we implemented an integrated management system in the culture of our vineyard, in order to control the influx of pesticides and fertilizers, respecting the delicate ecosystem of the agri-environmental area.

homemade wine… from certified vineyards without pesticides residues

For this reason, the wines from the vineyards of Mavrogianni family, therefore Larissos wines, are absolutely tested for pesticides residues.

We invite you to enjoy our wines with responsibility and without hesitations.

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